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In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) no. 679/ 2016 – RGPD (GDPR), regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, www.mihainae.ro processes personal data for legitimate purposes, in compliance with the principles mentioned below.

www.mihainae.ro collects and processes personal data, for the purpose of: advertising, marketing and publicity;


1. Principles of personal data processing


Legality: Personal data are processed in good faith, based on and in accordance with the legal provisions in force, including the provisions of the Regulation;

The purpose and limitation determined by the purpose: Any processing of personal data is done for well-determined, explicit and legitimate purposes, adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose for which they are collected and subsequently processed; Confidentiality: The persons who process, on behalf of www.mihainae.ro, personal data have provided in the individual employment contract and in the "job description" an explicit confidentiality clause regarding the processing of personal data; Consent of the data subject: In certain situations, with the exception of the processing that concerns data from the categories strictly mentioned in the Regulation, the processing can only be carried out if the data subject has given his consent expressly and unequivocally for that processing; in the other situations www.mihainae.ro will also carry out the processing in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation and the legislation in force;


Information: The persons concerned are explicitly informed, through online and offline means, about the fact that their personal data will be processed for the purpose of providing www.mihainae.ro services; Protection of data subjects: Data subjects have guaranteed the right to information and access to the data being processed, the right to rectification, the right to restriction and the right to delete data, the right to data portability and the right not to be subject to an individual decision of processing of personal data. At the same time, the data subject has the right to address the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data or the court for the defense of any rights protected by law, which have been violated; Protection of minors: Minors who have reached the age of 14 can purchase products or services in their own name and request or receive communications from www.mihainae.ro with the consent of the legal representative, according to the law. Any processing of personal data of minors will be carried out only in accordance with the law.

Data transfer: www.mihainae.ro does not transfer personal data, except for situations expressly provided by law;

Profile creation: www.mihainae.ro does not create user profiles. In the case of marketing studies developed by www.mihainae.ro, the unequivocal consent of the persons concerned is requested.


Accuracy: www.mihainae.ro needs the support of its customers in providing data for the provision of services, but the accuracy of this data depends on the quality of the information delivered by the persons concerned and/or the contractual partners; Identification: In order to resolve requests related to the processing of personal data addressed to www.mihainae.ro, the data subject must provide proof of the performance of the service provided;

Storage: www.mihainae.ro stores personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, respectively for compliance with the legal provisions in force; Security: www.mihainae.ro uses security methods and technologies, together with policies applied to employees and work procedures, including control, evaluation and audit, to protect personal data collected according to the legal provisions in force.


2. Personal data processing policy


In accordance with the principles of the Regulation and the legislation in force, www.mihainae.ro has the obligation to responsibly process the personal data provided to it.

3. The rights of the data subject

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, the data subject has the following rights:

- the right to obtain from www.mihainae.ro, upon request and free of charge, confirmation of the fact that the data concerning her are or are not processed by www.mihainae.ro, and if the data are processed by www.mihainae.ro the person in question the right to have access to these data is guaranteed;

- the right to obtain from www.mihainae.ro, upon request and free of charge, the rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of data (the right to be forgotten) whose processing

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